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Why cycle?
Cycling and traffic skills
Who can you call?
Public transit
What to do in case of an accident
Most common collisions
Cyclists and the law
Bicycle security
Cycling advocacy
Cycling courses

About Bike Sense

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The 5 basic principles!

  • Maintain your bicycle in good working order
  • Be as visible as possible to others
  • Learn the skills needed to control your bike
  • Cycle in traffic safely and predictably
  • Know and obey the rules of the road

Looking for a print manual?

We've printed 50,000 copies of the print manual so far and they go like hotcakes but they should be available (free) at library branches in Victoria and Vancouver. If you can't get to one of these places, e-mail us (bikesense(at) and we will see what we can do about sending you as many as you need. Caveat here: We (the Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition) are a volunteer organization and we put as much of our BikeSense funding as possible into printing copies so go easy on our postage budget and time! Our address to send contributions or postal requests for BikeSense manuals is:

BikeSense, #12 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC, Canada, V8W 1P7.

What about training courses?

The provision of cycling education is a task that has been taken on by volunteers and by independent cycling instructors around British Columbia and across Canada. See the Courses page for more information on CAN-BIKE, Bike Smarts, and One-Day Commuter Skills courses, as well as a range of cycling safety and skills workshops.

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