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From the Canadian Cycling Association website: There are more cyclists now than ever before in Canada and the fastest-growing segments of the cycling community are teens and adults. More than 45 percent of the Canadian population rides bicycles. That includes 90 percent of 14-year-olds and 70 percent of 15-to-17-year-olds. Two-thirds of adults, more than 14 million, ride a bicycle.



Cycling Education in British Columbia

According to Section 183 of the the BC Motor Vehicle Act, "a person operating a cycle on a highway has the same rights and duties as a driver of a vehicle." The provision of practical cycling education is a task that has been taken on by volunteers and by independent cycling instructors across Canada.

Please note: the listings on this page are for courses and workshops in British Columbia. There are CAN-BIKE courses available across Canada. To find an instructor outside of BC, check our listings here.

For Adults:

For Kids:

Cycling courses and workshops for all ages

Bicycle education and safety courses for adults and children

The Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE program is a series of courses on all aspects of cycling safely and enjoyably on the road. The orientation is toward recreational and utilitarian use of the bicycle rather than toward competition.

There are CAN-BIKE courses available for ages 6 and up. Courses are organized into basic, advanced and instructor courses.

The CAN-BIKE program is currently being offered in the following regions in British Columbia:

One-Day Cycling Traffic Skills Course: Ages 18 and up

This 7.5 hour course combines classroom and on-road training and is taught by experienced and skilled cycling instructors. It is intended to build traffic cycling proficiency for both recreational and commuter cyclists.

You will learn:

  • How to ride comfortably and safely in heavy traffic
  • Tips for night riding and rain
  • How to manoeuver around obstacles and make sudden stops
  • Proper bike fit and doing your own bike safety check
  • Practical advice on equipment, clothing and route planning

Workplace-Based Cycling Workshops

From practical, easy-to-understand information on riding safely in traffic, to how to prepare yourself and your bike for riding, these Cycling Solutions workshops are of value to beginner cyclists as well as experienced riders.

These sessions are held right in your workplace—an instructor comes to you to help increase the safety and enjoyment of your staff's cycling trip to work. Choose from Traffic Safety & Ease ™, Commuting Tips and Bike Maintenance.

  • Greater Victoria (other regions available on request): Contact Cycling Solutions for more information or to book workshops.

Bike Smarts: School-based course for Grades 4-7

Bike Smarts consists of six sessions combining theory and practice:

Sessions 1-5 are classroom sessions and can be taught by a teacher or parent. Students learn about: Road Rules, Bikes and Helmets, High-Tech Handling (Balancing, Pedaling, Braking, Shoulder Checking, Steering/Cornering, Climbing, Shifting), Smart Signals & Road Hazards, Intersections and Defensive Riding.

Session 6 includes on-bike training taught by a CAN-BIKE II graduate or by a CAN-BIKE certified instructor. Instructors can be hired by the school/PAC to provide this training.

  • Greater Victoria (other regions available on request): Contact Cycling Solutions for more information or to book workshops.



"Even the kids who thought they 'knew it all' were very positive about this [Bike Smarts] program. It was a great experience for them. I felt it was important for us to do this before our cycling field trip to Mattick's Farm"
    Lydia Wiet, Teacher — Sir James Douglas School, Victoria



School-Based Cycling Workshops for Kids (Grades 4-12)

For cost and/or scheduling reasons, not all schools are able to provide the full Bike Smarts course for all students. The Cycling Solutions workshops allow these schools — and other schools that also provide other elements of Bike Smarts training — to offer cycling education to a greater number of students.

The workshop leaders are all certified CAN-BIKE 2 Instructors, with a wealth of experience in teaching children about cycling safety. Along with bringing a fully-equipped commuter bike for demonstration, we show the highly-recommended 9-minute 'Bike Safe. Bike Smart.' video. All students attending are given a copy of the Autoplan Brokers' Bike Safe! handbook. Detailed info sheets are provided on bike safety checks and helmet fit, which can be copied by the school for distribution to the students.

  • Greater Victoria (other regions available on request): Contact Cycling Solutions for more information or to book workshops.

Online Resources:

  • CAN-BIKE Course Information
  • (Vernon and the Interior — Bruce Mol)
    Cycling safety & education, commuting & touring for people who want to do more on their bicycle. Excellent cycling tips & articles on cycling/courses.
  • Cycling Solutions (Greater Victoria, other regions on request — Allan Dunlop)
    Cycling workshops and courses for all ages & skill levels, cycling skills & tips, resources for cyclists.
  • Bike to Work Victoria
    One-Day Cycling Traffic Skills Course, Bike to Work Week.
  • CAN-BIKE courses across Canada
    Courses are taught in various locations right across the country.


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